Functional Training Sessions

Specialised and Functional Training Sessions suitable for the beginner to the Advanced Training Person. These sessions are available in Small Group (3-10) participants or for the ultimate training experience with 1-3 participants.
From: $10 per session

Group Fitness Classes

There is no better way to exercise unless you are in a group. Fun, motivation and great people to work with are just some of the benefits. Our comprehensive program is suitable to all ages, abilities and fitness levels.
From: $19 per week or $12 per class

Great Facilities

Get access to the most comprehensive and diverse range of equipment and facilities in Tasmania. Great equipment, great programs and amazing trainers/instructors provides the most ideal environment to achieve the results you seek.
From: $15 per week

Training and Workshop Events


Tips and news

Unique Programming

No matter what your goal is. We have the expertise and experience to design and deliver a program that fits you. Programs are available in a one to one, small group (3-6) or group (7-12) training environment.


At Healthglo we believe that diversity in our programming is what sets us apart from the rest. Programming provides the structure and variation required to stimulate change. Read More 

Personal Service

We care about our members. We do our best to provide answers to your questions, programs to assist you in achieving your goals and equipment to ensure you will achieve those goals.


At Healthglo we believe in providing a personalised service. Providing fitness/health assessments so that you can gauge your present fitness/health level and gain advice on how to improve it. Read More 


Gain access to our unique Educational Workshops. Whether you want to learn new exercises, get taught how to do correct lifts, understand the way we eat or what it takes to change our lives.


At Healthglo we believe that understanding why we do what we do (knowledge), or more importantly how to do what we do (technique) are the most important elements in our health and wellbeing.  Read More 

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