Healthglo Swim and Survive Program

The Swim and Survive program, designed by the Royal Life Saving Society Australia, is a broad, balanced program, consisting of swimming, water safety and survival skills in preparation for a lifetime of safe activity in, on or near the water.

The program is structured into three components: Wonder, Courage, and Active.

At Healthglo, our group swim programs run in line with Tasmanian School Terms, with no lessons during the school holidays. The private swim programs run at times structured with the specific swim instructor.

 ” A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary “

Learn to swim Programs

What we do best

Healthglo provides the most comprehensive Learn to Swim program available. Our programs are available to all persons of any age or ability. No matter what your circumstance may be, we have highly trained swim instructors that can cater for your needs Contact UsDownload Enrolment FormDownload Private Enrolment Form


AGE GROUP: 6mths – 36mths

Infant classes with Parents/Carers in the water

Using play and song, the Wonder Program encourages exploration in water, reduces fear while building trust, confidence, stimulates learning and most importantly allows enjoyment. Each lesson is structured to ensure learning skills are age appropriate and challenging.

Typical Session Times (subject to change)

Wednesdays: 12:00pm  2-3 year olds, 12:30pm  18-24 month olds, 1:00pm  12-18 month and 6-12 month olds

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Term 1: 11 Feb – 25 Mar (7wks) – $96.00
Term 2: 29 April – 17 June (8wks) – $112.00
Term 3: 29 July – 16 Sept (8wks) – $112.00
Term 4: 21 Oct – 9 Dec (8wks) – $112.00


AGE GROUP: 3-5 years

Infant classes with Parents/Carers in the water

Swim and Survive COURAGE is about water confidence and aims to ease the transition from parents being in the water to the child being in on their own.

Typical Session Times (subject to change)

Wednesdays: 12:00pm  3-4 year olds, 12:30pm  4-5 year olds

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Term 1: 11 Feb – 25 Mar (7wks) – $96.00
Term 2: 29 April – 17 June (8wks) – $112.00
Term 3: 29 July – 16 Sept (8wks) – $112.00
Term 4: 21 Oct – 9 Dec (8wks) – $112.00


AGE GROUP: 4-12 years

Child classes without Parents/Carers in the water

Our ACTIVE program is a broad program designed to develop Stroke Technique, Water Safety, Water Confidence and Survival Skills. The lessons have threes different skill level groups in the pool at the one time, ranging from beginners to more advanced swimmers

Typical Session Times (subject to change)

Mondays: 3:30pm & 4:00pm
Wednesdays: 3:30pm & 4:00pm
Fridays: 3:30pm & 4:00pm
Saturdays: 9:00am & 9:30am

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Term 1: 9 Feb – 30 Mar (7wks) – $84.00
Term 2: 27 April – 22 June (8wks) – $96.00
Term 3: 27 July – 19 Sept (8wks) – $96.00
Term 4: 19 Oct – 14 Dec (8wks) – $96.00



Our Stroke Development classes are for children who are confident swimmers (if child participated in the Swim and Survive program, we like them to have completed Level 4 prior to enrolling.) The classes concentrate on refining the skills for each stroke and increasing the distance each child can swim, along with the ability to swim with a smooth and consistent technique.

STROKE Session Times (subject to change)

Wednesdays: 4:30pm
Fridays: 4:30pm

Lesson Duration: 60 minutes

Term 1: 11 Feb – 27 Mar (7wks) – $96.00
Term 2: 29 April – 19 June (8wks) – $112.00
Term 3: 29 July – 18 Sept (8wks) – $112.00
Term 4: 21 Oct – 11 Dec (8wks) – $112.00


(Adults & Children)

One on One based instruction, catering for both adults and children of any age and ability. Private Lessons run all year round depending on instructor availability. There is no minimum number of lessons required to be booked with lessons ongoing until such time as you wish to cancel. Lesson days and times are subject to instructor availability at the time of booking.

Session details

Day & Time: Monday to Sunday (various times)

Weeks in Term: Unlimited as lessons are ongoing

Lesson Duration is 30 minutes

Cost: $28.00 for 1 swimmer

Cost: $33.00 for 2 swimmers

Additional Information

With our Wonder and Courage programs, expect to get wet and have lots of fun, as parents/carers are in the water with the child in these classes. Being relaxed and happy yourself will help your infant be happy and relaxed also.

During our Active program we ask that parents remain outside in our viewing area, located in the foyer. We find that children concentrate better without their parent in the same room. If there are any questions or problems you would like to discuss, please feel free to approach the counter staff. Remember lessons are only 30 minutes long and any interruptions with instructors will lessen this time.

Be patient with your child’s progress. Cautious children need extra time to adjust to the pool environment. It is perfectly normal for children to be wary of new people and situations.

Arrive early and become acquainted with the pool and surroundings so that you will not feel flustered or rushed. If you are relaxed and positive, your child will feel more calm and secure and lessons will be more successful.

Do not advance into the pool until instructed by a member of staff. We do not encourage those in our swim programs to be in the water for longer than the lesson. This avoids infants/ children from becoming cold and restless during the lesson.

Health Note
It is strongly recommended that all infants/children have been immunised. Children should not attend lessons if they have any of the following symptoms: Fever, Cold, Ear infection, Diahorrea, Vomiting.

It is a requirement that babies wear waterproof nappies/ bathers. Choose a swimsuit with snug legs. NO NAPPIES (except waterproof ones, eg “Huggies Little Swimmers”) are allowed in the pool.

Enrolment Process
Enrolment forms are available at Healthglo reception or on our website at

Provisions have been made on the enrolment form for you to indicate your preferences for days/times. However, we cannot guarantee that you will always get your first preference.

Confirmation of your child’s enrolment will be made via phone call or email shortly before the start of the swimming term.

Please be aware that the total cost of the program is required to be paid in full at the time of booking, unless alternative methods have been previously arranged.